Scott Brown Villain or victim?

The latest episode of the Glasgow derby had one red card during the game, one after the final whistle for a second yellow and a further incident likely to hit the desk of the compliance officer on Tuesday. Nothing new in that you may think, baring in mind the importance of the fixture. But what has transpired is a bigger divide in opinion than the rivalries that split the two halves of Glasgow.

One side appears to be advocating that Scott Brown has cheated by provoking his opponents to react, the other opinion is that he has merely been on the wind-up to draw the reactions which is part and parcel of gaining an advantage.

The other side of the divide believes that Brown has done nothing wrong by seeking to gain an advantage in this way.

What can’t be denied is that, in the case of Morelos’ red card, elbowing an opponent is a straight red card offence. Halliday’s red seems to be resulting from a ‘scuffle’ after the final whistle. The last incident was Kent punching Scott Brown which was ‘unseen’ by the officials. The one common denominator in the incidents appears to be Scott Brown, the Celtic captain with over 330 games in the Hoops and therefore significant experience in high profile matches such as this.

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A clip of the heels, a bit of the verbals, a smile here and there and plenty of other stuff that goes unseen. Antics such as Browns have been around for years, you only have to look at the Dennis Wise, Vinny Jones era at Wimbledon. Pure wind up merchants all to try and get an opponent to lose their focus or discipline. Other sports, such as cricket have ‘sledging’. Again, designed to put your opponent off their game.

In my opinion, Brown has done nothing wrong, the issue here is a lack of discipline on the part of Morelos, Halliday and Kent.

If you cast your mind back to the reverse fixture in December, Rangers were on top and it was Brown who was the subject of provocation. The difference being that Brown maintained his composure, walked away and popped it in the memory bank for the next time their paths crossed.

Where do you stand on this? Fair play or cheating? Who were your favourite wind-up merchants? Have you ever been on the wind-up to gain an advantage?

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