Its the hope that kills you

Written by Ian Hope:

Here we are again, the start of another brand new football season is upon us. Gone are those summer months of no football, of constantly refreshing feeds for transfer or managerial news. By now, the season ticket has arrived safely, the fixture lists have been scoured over constantly since they were released what seems an age ago and now you feel ready for the start of the new season.

Nothing helps fresh optimism flow through your veins more so that a couple of signings or maybe a new managerial appointment to get you buzzing for the new season.

Any of last seasons disappointment is washed away with a flow of fresh hope and expectation. The usual weekend routine is established once again, whether that`s visits to pubs, top up the betting account, sorting travel arrangements out, tickets, fantasy football etc. It all adds to the build up of excitement.

You have studied the fixture list so you can recite it back to front. Which months look tough with games against top opposition away from home. Whether your teams start looks straightforward and hopefully get points on the board. The first and last games of the season, when is the derby game? it all needs studying down to the finest details.

The television stations start their build up well in advance hoping to encourage more to sign up for the premier sports channels. Suddenly the radio stations and websites are all full of football chatter instead of filling the time with lots of nothing.

Come match day cue the August sunshine, the immaculate pitches, bright new replica kits worn by many all adding to the build up, finally the new football season is here.

Then come 5pm either all that expectation was warranted and if only for one weekend, your side sits top of the table after a comfortable victory or those cracks from last season were clearly just papered over during the pre-season and your team gets beaten and nothing has changed. All the optimism was for nothing, one game can mean you trudge out of the ground knowing nothing has changed and it will be another long slog through the season. All that build up, all that hype and hope. After all its the hope that kills you.

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