Time for Jesse Lingard to make headlines on the pitch

Written by James Jackson @Doublejayz72

Jesse Lingard has been miles away from top form in the red of Manchester United, in fact it’s hard to remember if he ever has hit the heights that his talent and status at the club should demand. A quick look at his stats tell you that in all competitions for United he has scored 29 goals in 171 games which is a return of a goal every 5.89 games. For an attacking midfielder / support striker that is a meagre return at best, but put into context he hasn’t scored or assisted for the club in 2019.

Also I hate to mention opposition players and particularly from the noisy neighbours but Kevin De Bruyne in a similar space of time played 117 games due to injury and scored 40 goals. Damning.

However, when you have played at the club since you were 7 years of age and graduated through the academy, there is a tendency for the fan base to give you a free pass. Let’s not forget also that he did ‘Milly Rock’ on the Emirates pitch after scoring in the middle of one of United’s best displays in the cup against Arsenal.

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To some United fans though his elaborate handshakes, dancing on the pitch and in YouTube videos prove that this is a guy that cares more about his social media presence than his career at the club. When the wheels came off after the amazing run during Ole’s first few games the fans wanted to see a team training hard and busting a gut to finish 4 th.

Seemingly though most weeks there were videos emerging from the changing room of him dancing and not really knuckling down like we would expect him too. That’s not to say that players don’t deserve to unwind with their friends in any way they see fit, but surely when the team was in such bad form it may have been more prudent not to plaster them on social media when the fans were being hammered because of our embarrassing results.

Worse was to come in the summer during Lingards holiday with Marcus Rashford and the now infamous foul mouthed rant and ‘Beans Beans Beans’ chant. Again this is a single lad on holiday after a long season, but you expect more from players now when they are predominantly seen not just as players but also as role models for the watching young fans. I think most fans agree that if Lingard would have banged in 20 goals last year with some assists along the way it makes this a bit more palatable, but ​when it’s a lad that can’t hit a cows arse with a banjo……….he’s going to run out of that Academy free pass that he has held for so long.

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Unfortunately also for Jesse he didn’t hit the ground running this season and has already been dropped against Southampton, which must have been hard for him to take as he has been more or less ever present for the club in recent seasons. Rumours are also rife at the moment that he’s demanded the no 7 shirt vacated by the piano salesman recently. If those rumours are true then he must be believing his own press because he doesn’t deserve to wash and iron that shirt never mind wear it.

His contract and age probably mean that he won’t be leaving the club anytime soon, as fans we can only hope that being dropped from the first 11 will be the kick in the arse that he needs to focus on the game and start producing on the pitch as well as on his phone.

What is your impression of Jesse Lingard? Should be be a regular starter at Old Trafford or dropped? Have your say here or on social media.

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