Time for De Gea`s future to be sorted one way or another

Written by James Jackson @Doublejayz72

Writing an article about David De Gea was never going to be easy. I’ve probably written this about 10 times and deleted it only to start again. De Gea after all has won numerous trophies, been Sir Matt Busby player of the year 4 times and is regarded as one of the top 3 goalkeepers in the world.

If it wasn’t for his heroics on too many occasions too mention Manchester United would have been dead and buried in a lot of games, particularly in the last few seasons.

I said too numerous to mention but who can forget De Gea’s heroics against Spurs at Wembley. Eleven saves and a clean sheet. Just about every part of his body was used to stop the ball crossing the line and the football world were in awe of his ability and mastery of his craft. Not long after this though his form started to slump alarmingly, granted so did the rest of the team but De Gea’s was all the more unexpected because of the heights he has hit and his consistency over his United career.

I’m going to call this early on in this article and place it down to money, his contract has been an issue for some time and still rumbles on now as we get ever closer to the dreaded month of January when he can negotiate a spectacular pre contract deal with any team in Europe. The monetary demands can be blamed on the monstrous wages that accompanied Alexis to Old Trafford but the true stumbling block now comes in the form of the 25% cut in wages should United not qualify for Europe. This explains why a contract that makes him one of the best paid players in the league doesn’t seem quite as enticing when it’s chopped up…….if the club fails to perform.​

There are no doubt Reds are reading this now fuming that I can besmirch a player like De Gea, who has given us such great service. Let’s not forget that he had his St Tropez packed in his man bag waiting for his transfer to Real Madrid to go through in 2015 before the infamous fax machine ‘Mysteriously’ broke and failed to send his registration in time.

Also this season De Gea has not started well at all, the hangover from last season and the bad form seems to have carried through. He’s been responsible for at least 2 of the goals United have conceded already, which proves to me anyway that his head is far from in the place it needs to be.

Does he need to be dropped, clarify his future? I think both need to happen sooner rather than later for the sake of him and United.

One thought on “Time for De Gea`s future to be sorted one way or another

  1. David is an important player for us especially since he has grown not just in last few seasons but the returns he expects from United i guess is far less than his expected one. So surely something needs to be worked out one way or the another. Hopefully he agrees to the new deal and gets what he wants

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