Are fans attitudes changing towards voiding the football season?

Recently football fans attitudes appear to have changed regarding how the English football season should be concluded with more thinking the season should be voided. If social media is anything to go by, more and more supporters are calling for the 2019/2020 season to be declared null and void. 

Whilst there is no scientific way of determining the views of the masses, you do get a feeling that the longer the pandemic goes on in the UK the more resigned fans are to drawing a line under the season and calling it quits.

These feelings are fuelled by other European leagues coming to decisions sooner than the FA, Premier League and EFL.

Holland have already called an end to the Eredivisie with no relegations and no team crowned champions. The Dutch league is far from settled with Ajax and AZ Alkmaar tied at the top on the same points and relegation unresolved. 

Ligue 1 was suspended and Paris Saint-Germain have been awarded the title on a points per game basis with Lorient being promoted from Ligue 2. Amiens and Toulouse have been relegated from Ligue 1.

In Germany, the Bundesliga was due to restart on May 9th however as the country has experienced a rise in Coronavirus cases, this date has been put back possibly restarting later that month. 

As fellow European leagues make decisions not to fulfill their respective seasons, the Premier League continuing with Project Restart gives the opinion that they are more concerned about money than lives. 

There are genuine concerns that footballers would be using vital equipment like face masks during games and being tested numerous times per week when NHS staff and key workers are struggling to obtain such items. 

Image courtesy of The Athletic.

One thought on “Are fans attitudes changing towards voiding the football season?

  1. I think you are right.. gonna be difficult now to restart anytime soon, however, do we have to restart yet.. there is no way a new season will start..So maybe we even have to postpone for a year.. and maybe start this season at the corresponding week next year.. like the article says .. fans will congregate outside grounds.. personally I won’t.. but fans will do that whenever this season starts or a new season starts.
    It’s just human nature that folk will want to do it.. football stopped for 6-years in World War 2, maybe this is just a case of stopping not only football but all sports .It happened in 1939-1945.

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