Foden & Greenwood shouldn’t be hung out to dry

England players Phil Foden & Mason Greenwood have been rightly criticised for breaching Covid rules by getting girls to visit their hotel whilst in Iceland with the national side. However, the pair should not be hung out to dry like some are demanding. 

Whilst stupid, immature, idiotic whatever phrase fits these footballers actions whilst representing their country, being excluded from the squad and sent home is a sufficient penalty in the circumstances. Whilst I am aware we are in the middle of a pandemic, the fact Foden & Greenwood will also be punished by their clubs and face the wrath of their families, is punishment enough. 

As Graeme Souness stated on Sky Sports “We have all been young and done stupid things in our time” who hasn’t?  Young lads today revel in tales of booze, drugs, sex and whatever else on a weekend or a matchday and people lap it up. We have all been young once, done stupid things, some of us have still been stupid and made wrong decisions when we really were old enough to know better. 

If Lee Hughes can be integrated back into football anyone can. Hughes makes Foden and Greenwood look like angels after killing someone due to his horrendous driving. Not to forget he ran away from the scene and hid for 36 hours before coming forward, some will say to let the alcohol leave his system that night (allegedly). What about Luke McCormick who killed two children due to drink driving on the way home from a team mates wedding at 5am in the morning? 

You may think I am being over dramatic making those comparisons but remember Wayne Rooney sleeping with prostitutes old and young whilst his missus was pregnant with his child? Everyone laughed at that, no one wanted him hung, drawn and quartered. 

No doubt about it both players will be dealt with severely at club and country level as well as having to grovel to their families who have to read all the gorey details in the press. Yet one day these headlines will be chip wrappers and no one will even care especially when Greenwood scores a winner for England in next years Euro`s. Am I wrong? I don’t think so. 

Take the piss out of them, criticise them but those who want their pound of flesh need to lighten up. 

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